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Firm Overview

The area of law practiced in this office is estate planning and estate administration.

Estate planning includes creating a will and, if appropriate, a trust for the client. A will is a legal document that helps determine who receives any assets held at death in the client’s name. A trust is a legal document that can help manage the business affairs of the client, if incapacitated, and avoid probate to pass assets at death. In certain circumstances, trusts can be used as part of an overall tax planning strategy.

Estate administration involves initiating the probate process, carrying out the responsibilities of the personal representative or executor of the estate, and paying funeral and administrative expenses, claims of creditors, and taxes. In certain circumstances, revocable trusts would need to be terminated upon death of the grantor.

An attorney can play a valuable role during the planning and administration of the client’s estate. As your attorney, I want to help you plan your estate and be of assistance to your family after your death. Planning for and dealing with the death of a loved one is often an emotional time. It is important to me, as a trusts and estates attorney, that my clients and those closest to them feel comfortable in my presence.

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